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In the Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate


Mr. / Mrs.------


The Muslim nation of Iran, the clergy, and the politicians, have for many years been aware that Baha’ism is a creation of foreigners, concocted solely to divide the valiant people of our country. On the one hand, its original leaders, Mirza Husayn-Ali and Abbas Abdu’l-Baha, to its present leaders, have been in communication with internal and external schemers, carrying out their orders; and on the other hand, they call themselves “the flock of God”, and in appearance only, [state that] they do not meddle in politics and are obedient to the government.


We all observed during the time of the defeated Shah how some [members] of this group were at the summit of power, busily holding sensitive posts hand-in-hand with the Shah. Now, after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the capturing of the nests of espionage [illegible], all the records are now at hand, including indisputable and confirmed documents, the kind of dependence and adherence the leaders of Baha’ism have had, and with which governments, and the kind of relationships they were involved in, has become even more evident. Therefore, under such conditions, one should not expect that the members and followers of this sect should be eligible for employment in the [Iranian] government or government affiliated organizations and revolutionary types of establishments, while at the same time they knowingly or unknowingly and without searching for and investigating the truth, still remain at the service of foreigners. .


Consequently, according to the Clause 1 of Article 19 and Clause 8 of Article 29 of the Cleansing [and Purification of Governmental Organizations and Agencies] Act ratified by the Islamic Parliament, from this date your services in the Hospital will be suspended. In order to show the goodwill of its authorities, be it known to all that you are invited to attend political and ideological classes on Baha’ism for three months; by, obtaining knowledge of the true Islam, following the guidance of the Supreme Leader, and with the afore-mentioned documents and supporting records, you will be convinced how, under the banner of Baha’ism you have knowing or unknowingly been serving the [nation’s] adversaries and basically [will further come to understand] what is the concept of religion and which is the path towards God, etc.


During these three months your salary will be paid and after the end of the mentioned classes, those who are the followers of truth, will definitely be guided and saved from deviation, will achieve the prosperity of this world and of the next and will return to their work, and for those who, after observing the credible documents and records that attest the mistakes of their leaders, still insist in believing [the Baha’i leaders] and maintaining the chain of slavery and servitude around their necks, which is opposed to the investigation of truth, they will accordingly be forever dismissed from the Hospital and permanently debarred from governmental employment.


Everyone will be notified of the hours and dates of the commencement of the classes. That is all.


Dr Fazel

Manager of the Hospital of the Martyr Mostafa Khomeini