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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

Number: ------

Date: 16 Dey 1365 [6 January 1987]


First name and family name [Prison Form]:

My dear children, Rezvan, Azizollah and Peyman, may my life be a sacrifice for you. May God keep you healthy and successful and support you with His satisfaction in all your undertakings. Dear Rezvan, hopefully you are good and happy and spending your days with happiness and joyfulness. Dear Azizollah and Payman, I miss you very much. God willing, He will bring closer the time of seeing you. Dear Rezvan, may your new house be blessed.


Today is the fifth [1]of Jamadi, on which I am writing this letter. I hope you have a good time. Dear Rezvan, by God’s kindness I am fine and busy praying and remembering you dear ones. I am glad and delighted to be sacrificed for you,


Hosein Yazdidoust [Signature]


Sender’s Address: Evin, Institution of Shahid Kachouei, section 3 room 65, Hosein Yazdidoust, son of Ramazan.       


(Response on the back of the page)

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[1]- [The day celebrated for the anniversary of the Declaration of the Bab.]