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Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini

Notwithstanding the recording broadcast on Sunday, 25 Azar 1358 [16 December 1979], prior to the 7:00 a.m. news, and your recent interview dated 26 Azar 1358 [17 December 1979], which was aired on the radio, as well as numerous occasions where you emphasised through the mass media that all minorities and strata of the society are protected under the shelter of Islamic Justice and their individual rights are safeguarded, it is observed that against your benevolent and humanitarian intent, and contrary to the standards of the Holy Quran and the explicit principles stipulated in the Constitution, and also inconsistent  with the notion of the protection of the human rights of the members of the society, I, Hosein Vahdat-Hagh was dismissed from my post in the army, despite having sincerely served for thirty-three years without the slightest flaw or the faintest stain on my service records, and purely because of my belief in the Baha’i Faith, and without any consideration of my employment rights, my long years of service, and without payment of any of my rightful compensation.

Given that observance and implementation of justice is the only guarantor of the stability and endurance of any advanced and civilised society, you are respectfully requested to issue an order to stop this unrelenting injustice and inhumane action, and not consent to the trampling of the reputation and livelihood of an honest and devoted family.



Cc: Supreme Revolutionary Council

Minister of National Defence

Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff


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Handwriting of Mr. Vahdat-Hagh