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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 19 Bahman 1359 [8 February 1981], [From:] Hamadan Police Force, Section: ------Photograph number: -------

Name and Surname of the Sender: Hosein Motlaq-Arani.

Son of: Shokrollah, date: ------- issued at branch: --------


His honour Ayatollah Abol-Hasan Aalami, respectable Sharia Judge of Hamadan


With utmost respect the following is submitted [for your consideration]:


In accordance with [your] order, the letter that was originally sent to you is enclosed herewith, and I take advantage of this opportunity to take your precious time for the following matter:


When I saw you sitting in the chair of the Judge, it reminded me of His Holiness the Leader of the Faithful [Imam Ali] when He was entrusted with such an important Seat. Because recognition of justice and its enforcement are quite important and demand moral decency and immeasurable sensitive understanding so as to distinguish truth and fact from their opposites [lie and fabrication]. Your tranquillity, good morals, and kindness during the proceedings are the distinguished requirements of an honourable judge, which make possible the removal of misunderstandings and pronouncements on ambiguous matters.


Your honour Ayatollah,


Each and every one has a duty to perform during his lifetime, as you have in this sensitive period a very exacting but honourable duty whose results could remain here and hereafter for an extended length of time, , and  I am therefore sincerely hoping, in the moments of delivering your decision, that the true spirit of the religion of Islam and its greatness, magnanimity, liberality, and broadmindedness be proven and demonstrated, and that future generations will know that the spirit of religion is always free from self-centeredness and animosity and your personage in these fleeting moments can become the new example of “And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.”[1]. What I sincerely plead from the threshold of the All-Merciful God, is divine confirmation for your success in exercising good-will at all times in your efforts to deliver justice.






[1] [Quran 21:107]