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City Number 7144, Words 800

Date: 27 Tir 1379 [17 July 2000]

His Honour Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi, The Honoured Leader of the Judiciary

Tehran, Pasteur Street

Copy: -----

Tehran [redacted]

In the Name of God


His Honour Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, the Esteemed Leader of the Judiciary

As a follow-up to my previous telegrams, I, Hosein Azami submit the following: a residential house with registration number 125/256 located in [redacted] has been in my possession for 24 years. I petitioned for confirmation of my ownership on 12 Aban 1373 [3 November 1994] by submitting it to the Islamic Revolutionary Court. Then after the necessary hearings, Branch 16 of the Revolutionary Court, according to the court order number 114918, dated 25 Azar 1377 [16 December 1998], case reference 1398/76/HaD, confirmed and approved my ownership. Unfortunately, Mr. Hossein-Ali Nayyeri unjustifiably rejected the said judgment.

Subsequently, the enforcement officers from Branch 17 of the Revolutionary Court and the officials of the enforcement Headquarters, entered my house by climbing up the wall. They broke the lock of my residential door, created fear and terror, forced their way in, and persistently, inhumanely and illegally, started throwing out my household belongings. They used beatings, physical violence and foul language to evict me and my family from our residence. So far, my protests and my plea for justice to Mr. Nayyeri and other authorities have had no effect, and, in the meanwhile, we are displaced.

Is it not in the civil laws and the luminous Sharia that the privacy of one’s housing and dwelling place be respected?  Then, how is it possible, since my record of possession and ownership is clearer than the midday sun and has been approved by Branch 16 of the Revolutionary Court that I have been deprived of my basic rights? The rejection of judgment by Mr. Nayyeri and the immediate ejection by the agents is a clear violation of my property, housing and other human rights. None of the legal principles have been observed in this situation, and in every way, it violates the laws and regulations. As I have already complained to that esteemed official in this regard, and my repeated visits to Mr. Nayyeri, have not yielded any results, it is clear to me that this action has been taken illegally by questioning my beliefs and my rights have been severely violated. Therefore, I call on that esteemed official to issue an urgent order to administer justice and restore my rights.


Hosein Azami