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[Adapted from website:] Shahbazi

[Date:] Wednesday, 7 Mehr 1389 – 29 September 2010


Abdullah Shahbazi

The Hojjatieh Society and the “Decade of the Advent of God”

There was an interesting article posted on the website of “Roozonline.com” dated 5 Mehr 1389 [27 September 2010] about the Hojjatieh Society by Ardalan Siami, called “The Hojjatieh Society: 57 Years of Shadow Activities”.

In the above article, my idea of the possibility of a book about the “Decade of the Advent of God” being written by Engineer Sajjadi,  the present leader of the Hojjatieh Society, was rejected. A leading member of the Hojjatieh, who did not want his name to be divulged, has written an article in which the writer says, “Shortly after the ninth presidential election, in a book published in 1384 [2005/2006], which was written by Dr. Seyyed Hossein Sajjadi, some issues were mentioned showing thoughts similar to those of the [Ahmadinejad] government. The title of this book is “Decade of the Advent of God” …

After writing my notes about the book of the “Decade of the Advent of God”, I received emails that denied the attribution of the above book to Engineer Seyyed Hossein Sajjadi, the current leader of the Hojjatieh Society. I did not pay any attention to these emails for two reasons: first, these denials were not on the part of the real or legal people who had clear identities, so that I would morally be bound to respond to them, but rather, they were sent by unknown people with fictitious names. Certainly, if I had received refutations from people with real identity, I would have responded to them. Second, the above emails included political accusations and immoral insults. This type of text is contradictory to the claims of the leaders of the “Hojjatieh Mahdavieh Society” who strongly claim to be religious and ethical.

Even today, the managers and activists of the Hojjatieh Society are trying to label their opponents [as having] Communist ideology or being from the Tudeh Party, similar to the early days of the Revolution, when they had forgotten to fight the Baha’is and were exaggerating and only  recognizing the danger of the Soviet Union and the Tudeh Party …