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1018 / A

1/12/1357 [27 February 1979]


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


From:  Headquarters of the Operation of the Islamic Revolution

To:  Director of the Southern Region Customs Office


According to the decree of Imam Khomeini, with regard to the freedom of religious minorities and their protection, I would request that you introduce Mrs. Shahnaz Ashnaie, daughter of Abdollah, who, since the passing of her father, is the [main] bread-winner of the family, to the Southern Region Customs office, situated in Zand Street.  I highly appreciate your cooperation and assistance in the path of implementation of Islamic social justice.


With respect,


Police Councils

Stamp of the Headquarters of the Operation of Islamic Revolution


Stamp of the Supreme Council of Revolution of the Province of Fars – Disciplinary Committee

Three signatures