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Office: Intelligence Administration

Section: ---

Date: Date: 19 Mehr 1331 [11 October 1952]

Number: 1/34281

Attachment: -----

Subject: -----

Responding to letters, write complete numbers including the alphabet letters and fractions.


Ministry of the Interior

National Police Headquarters

Division: ----

Confidential – Urgent


Ministry of the Interior,

According to a report received from the police of Kerman, in the town of Mahan, 42 kilometres from the city, in the vicinity of Shah Nimatullah Wali’s grave local reenactment groups performed their commemoration rituals peacefully during the days of Ashura[1]. However, at one point, a brief verbal confrontation occurred among groups, which escalated on thetwelfth day [of Muharram] between two local groups of mourners. Some peasants complained about an opposing group’s blocking water [from reaching their fields] and conflict ensued; shots were even fired by gendarmes and locals. Bullets hit seven individuals, and eight others were injured in this episode, as well. Those victims shot by gun were taken to the hospital in Kerman. An investigator, accompanied by the officers of the gendarmerie, has gone from Kerman to Mahan, but he has not yet returned. 

Thirty-three (33) peasants from Mahan came to Kerman and have occupied the Telegraph Office building. Their complaint is against the opposing group for stopping water and for the physical conflict that occurred. Two representatives of the group were directed to the governor general’s office. Following the discussions and the instructions of the honourable governor general, it was agreed they would leave the Telegraph building and then their complaints would receive attention. However, they have not yet left the building.  Their movements are under surveillance, so that opportunist elements do not take advantage of this situation brought on by the peasants.


On behalf of the Head of National Police Force – Raf’at



[Handwritten note1:] Receipt stamp: Ministry of the Interior] 9497 – 20 Mehr 1331 [12 October 1952]

[Handwritten note 2:] Confidential-Urgent. M/ 9497 / 29     

[Handwritten note 3:] A copy of the above report is sent to the Eighth Provincial Government for information. Order them to inform the Ministry of the Interior of the situation and the outcome of standard procedures. Minister of the Interior     

[Handwritten note 4:] Mr. [illegible], 23 Mehr [15 October 1952]

[Handwritten note 5:] Subsection of the police force, 23 Mehr [15 October]

[Handwritten note 6:] N/M/ 2195, 23 Mehr [15 October]

[Handwritten note 7:] [Provincial government] signed and dated: 28 Mehr 1331 [20 October 1952] - Send to the Public Security, [signed and dated], 28 Mehr [20 October]

[Handwritten note 8:] [To] Public Security, 28 Mehr 1331 [20 October 1952]



[1] Tenth Day of Muharram commemoration and lamentation days for the martyrdom of Imam Hossein