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Iranian Medical Council

Head Office



Islamic Republic of Iran

Date: [Illegible]

Number: 4/1943




In the Name of God

The Honorable Chief of the Supreme Judicial Council


Further to letter number 1/9788, dated 4/12/6 1 [23 February 1982], please find enclosed for your attention a copy of Dr. Sina Hakimian’s letter, dated 21/2/1361 [11 May 1982].

In the light of the Medical Council’s previous letter in that regard, please stipulate that this matter be reviewed, so those Baha’i physicians who are not engaged in any illegal activities may be allowed to practice medicine while observing the relevant regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Head of Central Medical Council Board of Directors

Dr. Abbas Shaybani



[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]




26/2/61 [16 May 1982]

[Address provided]