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The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance[1]

[Section 7, Minorities]

[Page:] 626


In the Name of God


Number 1/80/8008

Dated 3 Mordad 1380 [25 July 2001]


Dr. Mehrpour

Esteemed [Legal] Counsel of the President and Head of Committee for Investigation and Overseeing the Enforcement of the Constitution


In reply to number 80-3167, dated 10 Tir 1380 [1 July 2001], regarding the confiscation of the properties according to the orders of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, the esteemed head of the Judiciary has written the following in the margin of your letter:

“In the Name of God, I have repeatedly stated that it is not the responsibility of this Committee to interfere in judicial matters and cases.”

We provide this for your information.


Mahmoud Shiraj

Head of the Judicial Branch


[1] From a book: The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance- Vazifeh Doshvar-e Nezarat bar Ejraeh Ghanoon-e Asasee 1376 – 1384 (1997-2006). Dr. Hosein Mehrpour, Tehran, Saales Publication, 1384 (2005)