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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Hawzah News Agency

[Date:] 19 Dey 1395 [8 January 2017]


Responsible for Propaganda and Applied Education of Isfahan Islamic Theological School: An Introductory Training Course on Baha’ism and Emerging Mysticism Is Held

Hawzah – In order to train efficient forces to counteract the thoughts and propaganda of deviant schools of thoughts and religions, the Deputy of Propagation and Edification of Isfahan Islamic Theological School has organized training courses about ‘Baha’ism and emerging mystics particularly for clerics and students of theological school.

Hojatoleslam Ghorbani said, “Part of this massive aggressive movement [aggression] is related to emerging sects and mysticisms that seek to attract and divert different segments of the population, especially the students of theological school and the youth.”

Hojatoleslam Ghorbani added, “In order to acquaint the students of theological school with the existing sects, religions and existing suspicions and in order to recognize [antagonize] the enemy and respond to their suspicions, as well as to train the efficient forces to face the thoughts and propaganda of deviant schools and religions, the Deputy for Propagation and Edification has registered the eligible students of the Isfahan Islamic Theological School, for three training courses for recognizing Baha’ism and the emerging mysticism.”

Referring to the purposeful spread and promotion of deviant sects such as Baha’ism and emerging mysticism by the enemy in Isfahan and certain areas of the province, he continued, “Students of sixth grade and above in Isfahan seminary, if they are interested in increasing their propaganda skills, can enroll in these three courses.”

He pointed out, “All the professors of these three training courses come from Qom and the topics have been explained and compiled with the coordination of the deputy for propaganda of the country’s seminaries.”

Hojatoleslam Ghorbani, in explaining how to register and the time of holding these three training courses, said, “The registration deadline for these courses is until 27 Dey [1395] [16 January 2017], and the training course for the emerging mystics is taking place from 29 Dey to 10 Bahman [18 - 29 January 2017] for 48 hours and the course on Baha’ism will be held from 6 to 21 Bahman [25 January to 9 February] for 32-hour, for grade six students and above or students who have passed 150 units in the Ambassadors’ Seminaries.”

Explaining the advantages of participating in this training course, he noted, “Providing certificates at the end of the course to learners, activity in propagation projects and the possibility of participation of top ranking students of the general courses in the specialized courses, are among the advantages of participating in these courses.”