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File Number: 272/87

Criminal court branch: [Illegible]



The Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran


Date 24/6/1387 [14 September 2008]


Writ of Summons


Name: Hasanollah Davardan [Dadvaran], Father’s name: Moula

Occupation and reputation: -----

Residence: Village of Kata


Subject of charges: To enforce the provisions of the judgement (payment of pecuniary punishment of one million and two hundred thousand rials); failure to appear will lead to issuance of the arrest warrant.


Place of appearance: Execution of criminal judgements - Prosecutor’s Office of the Police Force


Time of appearance: Three days after service of the Writ of Summons


(Space for the signature of the person summoned)




If you have chosen a lawyer, or if you have any witnesses for the case, introduce them before the allotted time, so that they are summoned.


The result of non-appearance – if the summoned person does not appear on the due date, judgment by default will be issued by the court, and should he have a justifiable excuse, in accordance with Article (113) of [the] Criminal Procedure [Act], he would be summoned to court beforehand.



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4/7/87 [25 September 2008]