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In the Name of God

Main Office of Kohgilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province




State Department of Prisons and Security and Corrective Measures

Minutes of sending the prisoner on leave


Date -----

Number -----

Enclosure -----


Time: 1300[13:00] Date: 15/7/1387 [6 October 2008], in application of letter number 389/023/0696870, ordered by the esteemed Director of the Prison


Reference: Prison, Prisoner: Hosnollah Davardan [Dadvaran], Son of: Mousa [Moula]


Time in days, seven days with [prison] officer – without officer -----is sent on leave and must report back to prison at 13 hours, Date: 22/7/1387 [13 October 2008]


Prisoner’s finger print

[Finger print]


Prison guard officer



Prison guard officer support




Accompanying [prison] officer