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Office of the Prime Minister


Number: 1027

Transcription date: 21/5/1323 [12 August 1944]

Registered date: 24/5/1323 [15 August 1944]


Ministry of the Interior


Fanaollah Sobhani, from Bojnourd, has written a letter, informing us that the inhabitants are bothering the Baha’is, assaulting and beating them to the point where they cannot continue either to live or work on their businesses. Please have the Governor of Bojnourd pay full attention to this matter, in order not to have the safety of the city disturbed. [Please] report back the results of your endeavours.


Prime Minister


[Handwritten Note 1:] Javadzadeh

[Handwritten Note 2:] Mr Harati, copy 21/5/1323 [12 August 1944]