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Faculty -----

Unit -----


Islamic Republic of Iran

Mashhad University

Number: 174

21/1/1361 [10 April 1982]

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God

Management Council of the Academic Jihad[i] of Mashhad University

As Mr. Hamid Malekan Najafabadi, a medical student, is affiliated with the perverse Baha’i sect, it is not permissible to enrol him as per Paragraph 1 of Section 11 of the Student Admissions Charter. Please take the required action.

In the hope of establishing an Islamic University,

[illegible] university

Copy: Medical Faculty, for its informaiton

Current Student Unit for its information

Mr. Hamid Malekan Najafabadi, for his information

University Dean and Management Council of the Academic Jihad of Mashhad University

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Etemadi


[handwritten note, number and date in the middle of the page]


21/1/1361 [10 April 1982]



[i] An Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research