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Islamic Republic of Iran

Qaemshahr Social Service

In the Name of God, the Exalted


Social Services


Number: A/413493

Date: 27/4/1364 [18 July 1985]

Enclosure: ------

File number: -----


Social Services, Sari Branch


Enclosed for your attention is a copy of the letter number 1-R-15684-1/3/1364 [22 May 1985], of the esteemed Commission for Article 90 of the Islamic Constitution of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, along with a facsimile of a request submitted by Mrs. Hamideh Mirzaie, dated 17/2/1364 [7 May 1985]. Considering that the pension of the aforementioned has been terminated pursuant to order number 170-27/5/1362 [18 August 1983] of the Human Resources Restructuring for adherence to the perverse Baha’i sect, please ensure she is notified accordingly. 


Saifullah Gholami

Director of Human Resources


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