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General number: 141 Code

Private number: 2416-MN



Ministry of the Interior

Department: ---

Office: ---

Branch: ---

Type of draft: ---

Subject of the draft:

Attachment: ---

Scribe: ---

Date of registration: 12 Tir 1331 [3 July 1952]

Date of transcription: ---

Exit date: 133 ---

Secret Code



General Governorate,

In the recent reports numbers 89 and 102 of the Governorate of Rafsanjan, it is mentioned that in the recent event of incitement against Baha’is, the declarations of Mr. Haji Ansari have been quite influential. In the country’s present sensitive situation, such actions will have unwarranted results. Kindly, through appropriate means, bring this matter to his attention, reiterating the possible adverse consequences. To prevent such disturbances, please prepare the means [illegible] for the mentioned person to take a trip either to Tehran or to another place and report the result of the actions taken in this regard as soon as possible. According to the regulations of the recent legal bills, prevention of any kind of disturbance in order is necessary by all possible means.

Minister of the Interior, Dr. Seddighi

Head of the Department of Law and Order, Dadkhah