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[Adapted from website:] Habilian Association

[Date:] 17 Aban 1391 [7 November 2012]


Holding The Basirat Exhibition in Shahid Kamyab Teacher Training Complex

Holding of the Basirat Exhibition For a Week in the Shahid Kamyab Teacher Training Complex, Holy Mashhad, by the Habilian Association (the Families of [Iran] Terror Martyrs).

According to the Habilian information base, (the families of [Iran] terror martyrs), this exhibition covers topics such as, “The Situation of the Monafeghin Terrorist Group”, “Crime Enlightenment, Betrayal”, “Assassination of the Monafeghin Group and Their Internal Relations” and “The Atmosphere in Ashraf Garrison”, as well as “Recognizing Sedition and Its Leaders”, “Relationship between the Monafeghin Groups and The Sedition Movement in the Post-Election Events of 1388 [2009] and a Comparison of These Two Seditions”, “Familiarity With the Perverse Baha’i Sect”, and “Enlightenment About the Deviant Hojjatieh Association”. [These topics are presented] in the form of photos, videos and posters for the cultural figures.

According to this news, in this exhibition, various parts, such as showing and explaining the history of terror and violence in Iran, the eclectic thought of the founders of the Monafeghin group, detailed study of methods of violence and torture in the Monafeghin terrorist group, Monafeghin from the point of view of Ayatollah Taleghani, the psychology of Masoud Rajavi (Monafeghin leader), methods of the Monafeghin in brainwashing subordinate forces, self-immolation in the Monafeghin sect, the false Islam of the Monafeghin, the role of the Monafeghin and Mossad in assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists, introducing the assassinated martyrs of the country, Monafeghin operations, (“sun”, “chandelier”, “eternal light”, “pearl”) were among the posters installed in this exhibition, which was enthusiastically welcomed by the cultural [figures].

The exhibition also presents books, software and multimedia products of the Habilian Association on terrorism and terrorist groups (Monafeghin, PEJAK, PKK, al-Qaeda, Rigi, etc.) and documentaries on major betrayals of the Monafeghin during the imposed war and the confessions of its members in the riots of 1388 [2009]. The intellectual and practical deviations of the perverse Baha’i and the aberrant Hojjatieh Association were considered as [supplementary] parts of this exhibition.

In this exhibition, the experts of the Habilian Association [were present] at site of the exhibition, explained the exhibition posters and in addition answered any questions from the cultural [figures]....