Habibollah Mohtadi

Born: 1916, Tehran

Murdered in Tehran on 27 August 1986


Habibollah Mohtadi was born into a Baha’i family.  After completing high school, he obtained a law degree from Tehran University.  He served in the Iranian Air force as a colonel. 

On 2 May 1982 he was arrested after his return from the United States visiting his children.  He was imprisoned first in Ghasr, then Evin and later in Ghezel-Hesar prisons.  After three years of imprisonment on 27 October 1985 he was released.  Ten months later during a routine enquiry by a group of Pasdars when he refused to go along with them he was violently hit on the head and murdered outside a petrol station.  He was buried in accordance with Baha’i law in Tehran.



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