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In the Name of God



Islamic Republic of Iran
Justice Administration

Judiciary Power Administration

Date: 13 -----

Number: -----  

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God

After hearing the defense of the accused and reviewing the contents of the case file, the court rules as follows:

Decision of the Court

Concerning the charges against Mr. Foad Agah Dahaghani, son of Fereidoun, of propaganda against the regime of the Islamic Republic, the Court, having considered the content of the case file, the bill of indictment and the implicit confessions made by the accused, finds that the offense was committed and the accused’s guilt is certain and indisputable. The court, therefore, based on Article 500 of the Islamic Penal Code, sentences the accused to one year’s imprisonment under ta‘zír[[1]] law.  Given the special circumstances of the accused, his young age, lack of a previous criminal record, not being a high ranking officer in Bahaism, and there being no fear of his committing acts of aggression, enforcement of the sentence, in accordance with Article 25 of the Islamic Penal Code, will be suspended for a period of four years.  If the accused commits the above offence during this period, he will serve the prison term.  This court order was issued in the presence of the accused and may be appealed at the Court of Appeal for the province of Isfahan within 20 days of its date of issue.

Head of Branch Five of the Islamic
Revolutionary Court of Isfahan



[1] [Ta‘zír (discretionary punishment):  punishment with maximum and minimum limits determined by law and judge, respectively.]