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[Publication:] Akhbar-e Amri [Baha’i News]

[Date:] 18 Bahman to 6 Esfand 1356 [7 to 25 February 1978]

[Issue No.:] 18

[Pages:] 702 – 704


Communications of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

The Believers’ Attention to Basic Duties


The Local Spiritual Assemblies

  1. The purpose of sending this message is to remind the believers in these times about the texts of the divine teachings and [the need for] constant adherence to Baha’i morals and conduct―particularly patience and calmness, along with complete vigilance and care―so that, God forbid, some of the agitating behaviour by a limited number of individuals does not have an adverse effect on the benevolence of the people of Baha and their spirit of service and philanthropy toward the general public, especially their compatriots in the sacred country of Iran.
  2. It is undeniable to all that, based on their beliefs, the Baha’is have expressed utmost benevolence and unconditional love toward the king, the government and the beloved nation of Iran for over 130 years and have no thought or purpose other than sincere, true service and wishes for the happiness and well-being of Iranian society and their beloved homeland.
  3. Sadly, throughout this time, this oppressed community has continuously been exposed to the lack of kindness and prejudicial behaviour of a group of opponents. However, it has always prayed and hoped that by spreading knowledge and awareness and adherence to justice and fairness, it would turn this lack of kindness into better understanding and unity.
  4. In recent years, the enemies of the people of Baha have taken up a special method and have tried to infiltrate the Baha’i community deceitfully, have obtained Baha’i books, historical documents and administrative papers with special tricks, and sometimes, contrary to humanitarian principles, have stolen them from the homes of friends and the offices of Spiritual Assemblies. Also, sometimes―disguised as people who are searching for truth and with a self-righteous appearance as a Baha’i, though with hostility―they enter the community and somehow infiltrate the people of Baha.
  5.  These people are still not aware, and in order to have done something, they ignore the fact that the spiritual Baha’i community not only does not keep anything secret, but always seeks to have the principles of belief, administration and all of its aspects revealed to uninformed people. It also considers the spreading of the Word of God without pretence and noise as the duty of all Baha’is, and its utmost desire is to provide the necessary information to those who really want to study and investigate the history, beliefs and the state of its progress in the communities in the world.
  6. Members of the Baha’i community, young and old, men and women, who live in this country with others, are the well-known relatives, neighbours, colleagues, friends and cohabitants of the same cities as their non-Baha’i friends, whose beliefs and behaviours are not hidden from anyone. Despite this, it is not clear what would be the effect and benefit of these people’s efforts to obtain the statistical information and identification of Baha’is. Which official or unofficial authority has formally requested the necessary information from Baha’i authorities and has been refused it?
  7. The result is that the believers should continue to act based on their humanitarian duty, which is benevolence toward all people and true service without pretence and hypocrisy, while being careful, vigilant and aware of the conspiracies of biased individuals who may have sought to oppose the Cause of God and incite [others] against the Baha’i community, to use them as a means for other purposes in this sacred country. [They should] be confident that, just as the radiant history of the Cause of God has seen and gone through scenes of calamities and severe hardships, the recent events will also be over soon and what must remain unfailing forever is firstly, the adherence of the people of Baha to the Cause of God, and secondly, good morals and behaviour and the spreading of the Word of God to receptive souls.