[Newspaper:] The Guardian

[Date:] 15 September 1983


Iran ban on Baha'is

Wilmette: The Iranian Government has banned all administrative institutions of the Baha'i religion, according to Baha'i leaders in the US.

Mr Robert Blum, a spokesman at the Baha'is' US centre in Illinois, described the decree as "another step in a genocidal campaign to destroy the Baha'i community in Iran." The Baha'is says the Shi'ite Muslim revolutionaries led by Ayatollah Khomeini have executed at least 142 Baha'is since taking power in Iran in 1979.

Iran's Muslims considers the Baha'i faith heretical. A19th-century Iranian offshoot of Islam, Baha'ism is a modernist religion that believes in world unity, universal education, and the equality of men and women. Iran has an estimated 300,000 Baha'is. 

Mr Blum said the Attorney-General of the Iranian Revolution Court, Hussein Musavi Tabrizi, announced the ban on August 29, saying it was a crime to be a member of any local or national Baha'i governing bodies or their committees, youth organisations, educational, or charitable groups.

The Iranian official said individual Baha'is may continue to practice their beliefs privately, Mr Blum said. — AP.




















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