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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force


Date: 24/2/1324 [14 May 1945]

Number: 288


Copy of the telegram


His Excellency, the Prime Minister

Copy to Ministry of the Interior

Copy to Ministry of Justice

Copy to National Police Force

Copy to Mr. Farrokh, representative of Zabol


Lately, six Baha’i families have moved to Zabol, which is a border city. They have children who are students, and speak a different dialect. They have influenced the children with their bad propaganda and do not refrain from committing actions against the religious rites of the sacred religion of Islam. Not being satisfied with this, every day they come up with a new conspiracy against us, the Muslim tradesmen who have been living with respect and honour, doing our business. Their actions are supported by some Baha’is who are among the employees of the government. They have assaulted some people and made baseless complaints to the authorities, including the authorities of the Capital. These Baha’is have the intention of harassing and hurting us, the Muslims, in order to achieve their evil plans. If these incidents continue, it is certain that the end will not be good, and resentment will result in creating an unpleasant situation for us.


To prove the above statement and the sinister actions of some Baha’is, we request a reference to the file of Haji Mohammad Tajik, who was recently attacked in the middle of the street. You can ask for the file from the Department of Justice and the Police Force of Zabol. To put an end to this sort of actions and sinister behaviours, necessary and urgent orders should be given. [One should] not be satisfied that the honour of a group of working people will be subjected to the inclinations and quarrelsome intentions of these people, [we wish to] live in comfort as before and be the well-wishers of the respected guardians of the government. 


Hosein Mansour Khani, Haji Mohammad-Hosein Kazemi, Mohammad- Ali Shafiei, Mohammad- Ali Sa‘adati, Haji Mohammad- Ali Lekzaei, Ali-Akbar Nosrati, Ali-Akbar Sheikhzadeh, Ali Naddaf

Abbas- Ali Shafiei, Ghorban Farsi, Mohammad Ghasem, Haji Hosein Saravani, Mohammad Hosein Mohtaji, Nabi Mardanzadeh, Nour-Ali Bourbouri, Seyyed Habib, Farajollah Sahra-Navard, Mohammad Ali Shahnavazi, Ali-Akbar Malekzadeh, Karbalaei Agha Jan Farsi, Seyyed Morteza Alavi, Soltan Baran-pour, Mohammad Malek Saravani,Mohammad Ibrahim Haghighi, Karbalaei Hasan Ehsani, Yaghoub Bardari, Ali Valizadeh, Isa Afsari, Haji Agha Shahriari, Gholam-Ali

Hosein Farsi, Gholam-Ali Nosrati, Haji Ghasem.


This is a true copy of the original. [Signature]