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Number 11256 /M /2582 /MN

Date: 20 Aban 1331 [11 November 1952]

Confidential and Urgent


Office of the Provincial Governor General of the Eighth Province, National Police Force Headquarters

With regard to letter number 9902/2274/MN, dated 3 Aban 1331 [25 October 1952], Major General Alaei has submitted another letter complaining about the negligence of the police force in enforcing law and discharging its responsibilities. A couple of naive and fanatic individuals, in collaboration with some thugs and hooligans have decided to disturb the order in the City of Rafsanjan and engage in assassination and ransacking. Attached, I have submitted a copy of his letter.

Please [give the] order to seriously prohibit incidents of this kind that cause public tension and revolt. Additionally, notify the area gendarmerie, the governorate headquarters and the police force that occurrence of incidents such as what happened on 15 Mehr [October 7] will entail serious consequences. Please inform us of the results of your actions.

Minister of the Interior [signature: Shahshahani]


Copies of this letter and the letter of Major General Alaei are submitted for information and action to the Governorate Office of Rafsanjan and the National Police Force Headquarters

Minister of the Interior [Signature: Shahshahani] – Chief of the Law Enforcement Department [signature]