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Ministry of the Interior

The Immigration and Passport Police Head Office

Date: 19 Ordibehesht 1323 [9 May 1944]

Number: 1089/232



His Excellency Mr. Prime Minister

In reference to letter number 1467 of 12 Ordibehesht [1]323 [2 May 1944], regarding the complaints received about the sinister behaviours towards the Baha’is in cities, [we] would bring to your attention that secret orders, with emphasis, were sent by telegram to all provincial governors general and governors to employ all the available means to seriously prevent these sorts of activities and the emergence of riots and disturbances, and to report the identity of the main instigators.   


On behalf of the Minister for the Interior [signed: Sorouri]


[Margin: 1] It was observed. 21 Ordibehesht [1323] [11 May 1944]

[Margin: 1] Background 23 Ordibehesht [1323] [13 May 1944]

[Margin: 1] Number 339, 31 Ordibehesht 1323 [21 May 1944]