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Office of the Prime Minister


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Transcribed by: Malek


Date it was written: 12 Tir 1323 [2 July 1944]

Date it was transcribed: 17 Tir [7 July]


The Honourable Minister of the Interior,

On 7 Tir 1323 [27 June 1944] the representative of [the National Assembly] from Shahroud, Mr. Sadrieh, wrote to me regarding the exigency of replacing Mr. Reza Kosar, the governor of Shahroud, due to the complaints that have been received; apparently, you have been copied on that, too.  I am requesting [you] to consider this issue and take action as you deem it appropriate.


The Prime Minister - Mostowfian


4 Mordad 1323 [26 July 1944]


[Handwritten note1:]  With the signature of the honourable Prime Minister.