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Ministry of the Interior

Department of the Municipal Affairs

[Number: 3386, date: 8 Aban 1322, [31 October 1943], copy of the letter of the Governorate of Qom to the District Office of Mahallat]

Confidential & Urgent


Office of the District,

[As we are cognizant] of the contents of report number 1411, dated 30 Mehr 1322 [23 October 1943], with regard to the movements and activities of a number of families which, due to the hardship of living, have moved from Tehran and have resided in Mahallat, the following orders have been issued and conveyed for [your] action:

  1. You have written that, “they have brought some textiles and provisions and are busy trading them,” and the inhabitants complain that instead “they want to purchase provisions and transport them out.” There is no problem in selling provisions or any material to other people. Yet, transporting provisions from Mahallat, because the locality does not have more than [what is required for] its own consumption, will bring for the inhabitants the possibility of future difficulties and inconveniencies; therefore, for the sake of securing the necessities of that district, such trading activities should be prevented.
  2. With regard to the existing perception that these people have moved there for the sake of “religious propagation”, so far they have not committed any disturbances. But according to the orders issued, such propagation is not appropriate. Should that happen, of course you should prevent it with all dignity.
  3. Regarding the association of these people with the local residents, their utilization of the public baths and the inhabitants’ aversion and hatred towards them, you should, with the assistance of the gendarmerie and other officers, completely maintain the local order in order to prevent the slightest occurrence of any disciplinary offence.
  4. With regard to their relocation to other places, this matter has been communicated to the authorities of the Ministry of the Interior; after receiving the instructions and the results, the matters will be communicated to the District Office for implementation.


The Governor of Qom



8 Aban 1322 [31 October 1943] – 3386: A copy of this letter, attached to a copy of the report of the Mahallat District, is submitted to the Ministry of the Interior, for issuance of immediate instructions for re-location of these people from Mahallat.

Governor of Qom

Kazem Sharifi


Copy is according to the original. [Signature]