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Ministry of Interior

Provincial Government of Sistan and Balouchestan

Governor of Chahbahar


Date: 03/03/58 [24 May 1979]

Reference Number: 432



In the Name of God


From: Governor of Chahbahr

To: Honourable Islamic Provincial Government of Sistan and Balouchestan



Respectfully, with regards to letter number 703/1/127/17, dated 20/12/57 [11 March 1979], we convey herewith that Mr. Mohammad Taab, who is in charge of political and law enforcement at the related gubernatorial and district regions, and has served for several years in various capacities, is one of the informed and sincere employees.  Up to now, he has carried out his duties with utmost honesty.

The governorate is very satisfied with his work, especially at this time, when other staff members are trying to relocate to other cities, and we need his services for all sorts of reasons. His being unwanted by irresponsible people has nothing to do with his performance in carrying out his duties in this institution.


Acting head of the Governorate of Chahbahar