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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number 12

[Date:] 26/02/23 [16 May 1944]


Ministry of the Interior


Further to the [letters] numbers 3 – [dated] 19/02/23 [9 May 1944] and 6 – [dated] 19/02/23 [9 May 1944], it is stated that on Saturday 23/02/1323 [13 May 1944] a committee, aggravating for the punishment of people with bad records had been formed. The head of the police force having been requested in writing, [then] held discussions regarding the Baha’is, residing in Qom, who have been complained about by the residents [of Qom]. The Public prosecutor stated: In Tehran, I discussed these people with the Minister for Justice. He said to discuss it [about the Baha’is] in the committee. The head of the police force suggested that, in order to prevent any unpleasant incidents, the police force sends these people back to their [original] province or to any other area that they want and I agree with this. Those who work in the Petroleum Company and Railway and the one person who is the interpreter of the Allied Forces could be transferred to other provinces through negotiation with their relevant offices. The committee agreed [with these suggestions]. Now a copy of the minutes of proceeding is presented herewith. We are seeking [your] approval.


Governorate of the Province of Qom

[Signature: Azam-Rokni]


[Handwritten 1:] Politics, 30/02/23 [20 May 1944]

[Handwritten 2:] [Stamp: Register of the Ministry of the Interior. Number: 10808, Date: 31/02/1323 (21 May 1944)]

[Handwritten 3:] [Stamp]: Ministry of Interior, office of politics, Number: 1499, Date: 1/03/1323 (22 May 1944)]