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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance


Verdict number: 114

Dated: 28 Bahman 1369 [17 February 1991]

Administered by: Primary Division of the Employment Arbitration Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Allegations: Membership in the Baha’i sect

Procedural Synopsis: Allegations were considered against Mr. Sohrab; Surname Doustdar; Son of Ataollah born in [redacted]; Identification number [redacted]; Issued in Tehran; Employment status: Retired; Education: master’s degree; Married/ single who was retired when the Verdict was handed down, as indicated in the minutes of the meeting held on 28 Bahman 1369 [17 February 1991] and in view of the documents in the file and the confession of the accused –X--; And defense of the accused –X--;As well as other evidence in the file –X--;  The allegations against the accused are adjudged as proven and in accordance with:

1. Membership in the perverse sect divergent from Islam. Section 19, Paragraph 1

of the Employment Arbitration Primary Board, sanctioned on 25 Esfand 1365 [16 March 1987] and based on ----- section 1 of said Act, the defendant is sentenced to permanent termination from government employment.

Reminder: In accordance with Section 13 of said Act, this Verdict is appealable and the convicted offender can file his appeal within one month from service of the Verdict by submitting a request to the Human Resources Main Office. Otherwise, according to Addendum 1 of Article 4 of said Act, this Verdict will be enforceable at the expiration of the above-mentioned period.


Employment Arbitration Primary Board

Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance