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[The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance[1]]

Section 7, Minorities

[Page:] 631


In the Name of God

Number 11-4462

Date 12 Bahman 1367 [1 February 1989]


Memorandum to all Ministries, Departments, Government Organizations, Institutions of the Islamic Revolution, and Governor’s Offices across the country

In view of the fact that, according to the reports we have received, the executive systems lack the necessary coherence to deal with the perverse Baha’i sect, it is required, with the agreement of the esteemed president, that all ministries, departments, government organizations, institutions of the Islamic Revolution, and governors’ offices throughout the country carry out the following instructions as the government’s official policy.

Individuals who are spies must be handled with strict application of the existing laws and regulations.  With regards to other circumstances, regardless of the citizens’ beliefs, and based on the last portion of Article 23 of the Constitution, as normal citizens, [they are subject to] the relevant regulations and resources, and, in relation to their belief , [it is necessary to] take a reformist approach.  None of the authorities or officials of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran are allowed to deprive individuals of their social and legal rights, unless their spying [activities] or removal of their social and legal rights have been recognized, proven, and are subject to a [court] order by the appropriate authorities [court].

Naturally, in accordance with Article 13 of the Constitution, Iranians who are Zoroastrian, Jewish, or Christian, are the only religious minority members who are free to observe their religious ordinances within the confines of the law and follow their personal matters and religious teachings according to their faith.

Mir Hosein Mousavi

Prime Minister


[1] From a book: The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance- Vazifeh Doshvar-e Nezarat bar Ejraeh Ghanoon-e Asasee 1376 – 1384 (1997-2006). Dr. Hosein Mehrpour, Tehran, Saales Publication, 1384 (2005)