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Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran


To: ------

From: ------

Subject: ------

4 Aban 1359 [26 October 1980]

Number: 3504

Enclosure: ------


Islamic Revolution Prosecutor’s Office, Karaj

The complaint from Mr. Hashem Farnoush is hereby sent to you to undertake appropriate action.  Please issue an order for review of this matter and send the results and return the complaint to this Prosecutor’s Office.

Prosecutor General, Mousavi-Ardabili


4 Aban 1359 [26 October 1980]


[Handwritten note on top of the page]

Deputy, Mr. Khakpour, level 4, Ministry of Justice


Central Committee of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Respectfully, it is conveyed that on Saturday, 10 Aban 1359 [1 November 1980], at 3:00 a.m., Mr. Shaykh Mostafa Rahnama, along with seven armed guards (a few of whom were from Karaj and the others from Tehran, according to their own statements) entered our home.  Immediately after entry, they asked for Mr. Hashem Farnoush, and since he was not home they started to search the house.  They even went to the home of the renters on the third floor and searched their house and took their food.  In addition, it should be noted that we requested the gentlemen to present a search warrant, but they refused and did not produce any warrants.  This process took exactly 12 hours, namely until 3:00 p.m. of that same day. When leaving the house, they took the food stored in the basement that belonged to four families, and the boxes of dry milk and prepared food that we were keeping, belonging to my sister’s two-month-old baby.  In addition, they took several documents from our house, including the passport of Giti Jeddi, the passport of Shahram Jeddi, the power of attorney of Mr. Ferdows Jeddi, and also documents such as the passports of Mr. Ferdows Jeddi and Mrs. Tahereh Jeddi and the insurance document of Sahba Farnoush and that of Jinous Jeddi (Farnoush), which were in our house.  Since that day, we have not been able to find these and believe that they were among the documents that were taken.

We add for explanation that these are the documents that we have noticed to be missing thus far.  If we find that more documents are missing, we will inform you about them later.

We have provided the above items for your information and action.


Giti Jeddi [signature]

13 Aban 1359 [4 November 1980]