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[Personal information has been redacted.]




Joint-stock Company

Personnel Department Ruling

Number: AR/230/9630

Date: 7/12/1357 [26 February 1979]

Type of Ruling: Employment ----- change of position ----- change of salary ----- transfer ----- termination X Code 3

Employment number: [redacted]

Name: Ghodsieh, surname: Jafari, enforcement date 9/12/1357 [27 February 1979]

Former position:

Type of employment: ordinary ----- probationary -----

Salary/wages 64400 rial

Occupation group-----

Occupation title: head of accounts department

Place of employment: Arak

Department/section: accounts

Centre expenses

Current position:

Type of employment: regular -----probationary ----- period of probation ----- month

Salary/wages ----- rial

Occupation group -----

Occupation title ----- code -----

Place of employment ----- code -----

Department/section ----- code -----

Centre, expense -----




1. In accordance with the Decree of the Imam Khomeini Revolutionary Committee we are unable to work with you.

2. Annual leave is payable to the end of Bahman 1357 [1978] for a period of 13 days.

3. You will be remunerated on the basis of your time sheet.

4. The accrued special interest is payable after deduction from the account.

Reason for denial of employment: choosing the Bahaism ideology and your belief in same