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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Preliminary Commission for Investigation of the Employment Offences, Central [Province]

Date of issue: 30/11/1367 [19 February 1989]


And weigh with an even balance[1]


Decision number 805


The Preliminary Commission for Investigation of the Employment Offences, Central Branch, was held on 26/11/1367 [15 February 1989] in the presence of two members and one substitute member. The Commission was to investigate the file [containing the] accusation against of Ms. Ghodsi Rezvani, daughter of Ismail, birth certificate number [redacted] , issued in [redacted], born in 1318 [1939/40], employment number [redacted], highest educational certificate: Natural [sciences] diploma, Group 8, Class 12, final position: Teacher in Department of Education in Tehran Province, Employment status: retired. The file was reviewed [and the result is as] follows:


Procedural synopsis: The liaison and the coordinator officer of the Preliminary Commission for Investigation of the Employment Offences, submitted to the Commission, a transcript of the letter number 710 / 16362 / 1 dated 10/10/1367 [31 December 1988] received from the Human Resources head office, along with a copy of the Revolutionary Court’s judgement number 1224 / M /62 dated 31/2/1363 [21 May 1984], together with the original employment file of the above-mentioned, number 105 / 7313 dated 13/10/1367 [3 January 1989] in order to reach the appropriate decision. The Court’s judgement (referred to above) regarding Ms. Rezvani’s membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, and her illegal employment by [the ministry of] Education, as well as [evidence of] sending money abroad for her nephew/niece [son or daughter of brother] all of which are against the [Regulations], and have been confirmed following the investigation of her registration [as a Baha’i] in the year 1335 [1956/57] and her financial contributions to this sect’s fund.  In her defence in Court, she acknowledged her membership in this sect and identified herself as being born a Baha’i. She confirmed her employment by [the Ministry of] Culture, saying she had left the religion column blank.  She also acknowledged sending money abroad.  The Court has confirmed her conviction and [sentenced] her to reimburse the funds in rials; and also approved her dismissal due to [her] membership in the perverse Baha’i sect.  The commission, following the study of the content of the Court Order and the file and observing the legal procedure, summoned her to appear before the commission by letter number 105 - [?] / 4832 / 1318 dated 17/10/1367 [7 January 1989].  She appeared on 26/11/1367 [15 February 1989] when the Order and accusations were read and explained to her.  The above-mentioned stated in her defence statement:  “I, Ghodsi Rezvani holder of birth certificate number [redacted]  issued in [redacted], born in 1318 [1939/40] believe in the Baha’i Faith and have no other accusations other than having this belief.’  The Commission, following the review of the content of the file as stated in the procedural synopsis, concluded its investigation and delivered its decision. 


Accusation: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, subject of Clause 2 Article 19 of Investigation of the Employment Offences Act


Decision of Commission: The accusations are evident and it is a clear example of the subject matter of Clause 2 of Article 19 of Investigation of the Employment Offences Act.  Based on Clause H of Article 19 of the aforementioned Act, the Commission punishes the above-mentioned to permanent dismissal from governmental employment.  This decision is not final and may be appealed at the Appeal Board.  The convicted can submit her objection within one month of the date it was served upon her to the Retirement Office and obtain a receipt.  In the event that she fails to appeal within the prescribed period, the Decision will become final and enforceable.


Hossein-Mohammad Asghari [signature]

Sayyid Mohammad Alavi [signature]

Masoud Shayan [signature]








[1][Quran 26:182]