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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Verdict number:  568

Date:  26 Esfand 1368 [17 March 1990]

File number: -----

Administered by:  Preliminary Commission for Investigation of the Employment Offences (Branch One) Ministry of Finance

Allegations:  Membership in the Baha’i sect

Verdict Number 476, dated 10 Aban 1368 [1November 1989], Employment Arbitration Primary Board, Bank Mellat

Proceedings:  Allegations against Mr Ghodrat[ollah], Surname: Dadgar, Son of Hosein-Ali, Born in [redacted], Birth Certificate number: [redacted], Issued in [redacted]

Position: Deputy Supervisor, Duration of employment: 17 Farvardin 1338 [7 April 1959], Education: Diploma, Place of employment: Bank retiree, Married—x--. When the verdict was issued he was: Employed ----- Ready to serve -----; Retired --x--. In the meeting of 16 Esfand 1368 [7 March 1990] the minutes were considered and in view of the documents in the file; the confession of the accused –x--; Statements of witnesses and experts -----; Defence of the accused –x--; Expert opinion --x--; Report of the investigatory group -----; and other evidence in the file of the accused --x--.

The allegations are proven. In accordance with:

1- The Employment Arbitration Act, approved on 25 Esfand 1365 [16 March 1987]

Section 19, Paragraph 2 concerning membership in any of the perverse sects outside the Islamic Faith

2- Subject----- paragraph. ----- section

3- Subject -----paragraph. ----- section

and based on Paragraph H section 10 of said Act

The defendant is condemned to permanent termination from government employment.

[Official stamp]


Preliminary Commission

Investigation of the Employment Offences, Ministry of Finance

1- [Signature]

2- [Signature]

3- [Signature]