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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 28 Bahman 1387 (16 February 2009)


By Order of Attorney General, “The Decisive Confrontation with Elements of Unofficial Baha’i Organization Will Continue Until Its Complete Annihilation.”

Latest news from Iran

Fars News Agency (the official organ of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran), reported on 27 Bahman 1387 [15 February 2009] that, in a letter to the minister of information, the attorney general had declared the administrative institutions of the Baha’i community “illegal at all levels” and stated that, “the decisive confrontation with the elements of the organization will continue until its complete annihilation.” The Islamic Republic News Agency (another official organ of the Islamic Republic of Iran), and the National Television of Iran (Channel 3) also announced this news. Internationally, the BBC, Radio Farda, and Radio Zamaneh also reported defending the Baha’i rights.

Regarding the prosecutor’s comments, we note that after the Islamic Revolution, about 30 years ago, the Baha’i elected and appointed bodies were banned, and in the absence of this national institution, called the National Spiritual Assembly, the “Yaran Group” with the full knowledge of the government of Iran, was formed and started as an informal, temporary group to deal with the affairs of the 300,000 members of Baha’i community in Iran.

The various governments that have been in power in Iran have been fully aware of the existence of “Yaran-e Iran” and, in fact, have been unofficially in contact with them over the years. It is now wrong to say that this group was “illegal”.