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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Enghelab-e Eslami

[Date:] Wednesday 26 Azar 1359 - 9 Safar 1401, 17 December 1980

[Issue No:] 427


 “So give good tidings to My servants Who listen to speech and follow the best of it[1]


The last defence of General Nader Batmangholich


Parts of the last defence of General Nader Batmangholich, Commander of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, in the Coup D’état of 28 Mordad [1332][19 August 1953] was viewed by the readers [of this newspaper] yesterday, and here is the last part of it:


Accused: in Mordad 1332 [August 1953] while my body was in a cast, I sent a letter to the late Mosaddeq through Nosratollah Amini, and then to the Mayor, conveying ‘not to let the clergy and army be destroyed’. Time and again, I witnessed how Ayatollah Kashani was being destroyed, to the point that the Great Ayatollah Boroujerdy had become saddened. It was being said that ‘it is you that should act according to your canonical duties’.


The accused said that ‘in those days the true Muslims were distanced from Mosaddeq, which unfortunately led to the occurrence of 28 Mordad [19 August 1953]. With the permission of Ayatollah Kashani, I became Head of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces. When Shah learned that I had contact with Kashani, he asked me ‘You are the commander of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces. With whose permission did you contact him?’ I was not involved in anybody’s arrest. If I had acted by their desires, after two years of being Head of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, they would not have thrown me out of the country for 12 years. In 1333 [1954] when the Baha’is had  influence on every aspect of the Country, with the national economy in their hands, and significantly the personal physician to the Shah, Dr.Ayadi, a Baha’I, had become one of the closest persons to the Shah, I took charge of destroying the Haziratu’l-Quds[2]


The member of the Legal [team]: After the destruction of the Haziratu’l-Quds, they [the Baha’is] practically got their “formal recognition”, was not this action a plot?


Accused: No, not at all. My intentions were good. In 1345 [1966] the Shah had said ‘you take sides with the clergy’. Following this matter, I was reprimanded in writing and lost my job.


[1][Quran 39:18]

[2] [A Baha’i term for Baha’i Centre]