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[Adapted from website:] Mashregh News

[Date:] 31 Farvardin 1399 [19 April 2020]


Commander Jalali’s Account of American Laboratories


Ban on the Transfer of Genetic Data Since 1995

What is certain is that genetics can both benefit and threaten human health. Therefore, the genetic information of countries, people, officials, leaders of countries and others have a great significance and should not be allowed to be passed on to others without observing the rules and requirements.

Commander Jalali stated, “For example, in the Iranian genome project, some of our domestic centres such as research centres, universities and genetic screening centres, operating with research and scientific ambitions and motives, through their negligence, started collaborating with some Baha’i artists and networks. But we realized that their [Baha’i artists and networks] main goal was to steal the country’s genetic information on a large scale.

Commander Jalali stated, “In 1995, in a meeting with the Health Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on the subject of bio-defence issues, we raised these matters and the members of the commission urged us to identify a legal framework. We conducted research in this field with the cooperation of academics and developed a bylaw in which the requirements and restrictions were fully described and approved, and this framework was announced to the relevant authorities through a legal process. At present, it is against the law to make any transfer of genetic information outside this legal framework and the bylaws, because and if it is leaked, it will affect national security.”