[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



[Emblem and company’s name in English]

Caryar [Travel agency]

International Air Services Bureau of the Travel and Tourism Agency


[Information about the capital and registration in English]

Capital of 20,000,000 Rial, registration number 33/443 A and B


Number: 1253/K.SH

Date: 21/6/1373 [12 September 1994]


In the Name of God


From: Caryar Travel Agency

To: Mr. Forouhar Rezapour


With gratitude for your sincere support over the past ten years, and best wishes for your future success [we convey that] a recent questionnaire from the Ministry of Islamic Guidance has inquired about the personal details of the employees of this company.  Since you declined to hide your beliefs and have explicitly declared your religion as Baha’i on the questionnaire form, in accordance with the directive in letter number Nl/20361 of 16/9/1360 [7 December 1981] from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, your employment is hereby terminated.


Caryar Travel Agency

[Signature over official stamp]

[Contact details]