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Islamic Republic of Iran



Disciplinary Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Disciplinary Command


File number:


Number: 864


Special Undertaking for All Commercial Businesses


I, the undersigned ---------, son/daughter of ------, birth certificate number ------, issued in -----, year of birth ------, religion ------, occupation ------, resident of ------, telephone ------, national ID number -----hereby undertake to abide by all policies and principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and to observe in all circumstances the provisions of the Amaken Office of Public Places according to its bylaw. Otherwise, I shall be subject to consequences in accordance with the regulations.



[handwritten note in the middle of the page]

Furthermore, I promise not to engage in any activities in promotion of the perverse Baha’i sect. Otherwise, the Amaken Supervision Office of Public Places has the right to cancel my business license without any hesitation or restriction.


Signature and thumb print of the undertaker