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The Judiciary

State Forensic Medicine Organization

Forensic Medicine Center - Tehran Province

West Tehran Forensic Medicine Department


Date: 29 Mehr 1378 [21 October 1999]

Number 10/GH/8712

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In the Name of God


To: Head of Shahr Ziba Police Station 133

Referring to letter 123/133/6/32/12 dated 29 Mehr 1378 [21 October 1999] Mr. Hosein Azami was examined and the results are as follows:

1- Bruise in the left thigh 2- Bruise in the left calf 3- Bruise in the right upper arm 4- Deep scratch in the left calf 5- Deep abrasion in the right calf 6- Bruise in the left forearm.

These above lesions have been caused by impact of hard object during the past ten days. The duration of healing period is determined to be two weeks as of the date of event.


On behalf

Dr. Saeed Shabani

West Tehran Forensic Medicine Department

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