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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate General of the Tenth Province

[Number:] 7465

Date: 21 Shahrivar 1325 [12 September 1946]

Enclosure: Transcription



His honour Mr Ashraf, Prime Minister,

Following the telegram dated 2 Shahrivar 1325 [24 August 1946], Nasrollah Azadegan who has cabled you from Ardestan, submits that at the moment of receiving the telegraph, all the necessary orders have been issued to the Regiment of Guardianship of Isfahan and District Office of Ardestan. Please find the attached copy of the report number 10148 of the mentioned Regiment for your blessed knowledge.


Governor General of the Tenth Province,

Nader Arasteh

[Signature: Nader Arasteh]


[Handwritten note: 1] Archives

[Handwritten note: 2] Number 2133, date: 1 Mehr 1325 [23 September 1946]