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Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Government of the Tenth[1] Province

Number: 13583

Date: 12 Azar 1329 [3 December 1950]

Type: Confidential

Attachments: 4 pages


Ministry of the Interior,

Regarding the Office of Public Security’s letter number 14661, dated 25 Aban 1329 [16 November 1950], as requested, Mostafa Eshraghi’s original telegram, dated 21 Aban 1329 [12 November 1950] is being returned along with a copy of a report dated 4 Azar 1329 [25 November 1329] by Mr. Ma’soumi, the assigned inspector of the provincial government.

The related matter is being investigated at the public prosecutor’s office of the City of Isfahan.


For the Governor General of the Tenth Province



[Handwritten note 1:] Public Security, 20 Azar [11 December]

[Handwritten note 2:] Stamp: recorded in confidential ledger of the Ministry of the Interior, number 8496, dated 22 Azar 1329 [13 December 1950]

[Handwritten note 3:] provide background, 22 Azar [13 December]

[Handwritten note 4:] background is attached, 23 Azar [14 December]


[1] Isfahan Province