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In the Name of God

Date:  14/9/1386 [5 December 2007]


Respected President of the Islamic Consultative Assembly




Respectfully, this is to submit to your attention that following letter number d/86/268, dated 17/7/86 [9 October 2007], from the Islamic Consultative Assembly (which is enclosed with this letter), and the letter number 52/6344 from that Assembly to the National Assessment and Evaluation Organization, I, the undersigned, Shiva Sharifpour Arabi, have not received any response to this date from Sanjesh-National Assessment and Evaluation Organization.


Therefore, I request the respected authorities to instruct that my letter be reviewed, and that I be notified of the results.


Thanking you in advance,


[handwritten note on the top of the page]


26/9/1386 [17 December 2007]