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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health


Date: [25]5/ 61 [16 August 1982]

Number: 5 / 7739

Enclosure:  there is an enclosure


[Handwritten note]


1/6/61[23 August 1982]


In the Name of God


To: Deputy Director of the Parliamentary and Supervision [Office of the Ministry of Health]

From: The main health and treatment office of the village


The request of Dr. Sholeh Misaghi, dated 19/5/61 [10 August 1982], and the copy of letter number 2627 of the Ministerial Office, dated 14/5/61 [5 August 1982], regarding the mode of execution of the plan for those who are covered by the bill, Dr. Hakimi and Dr. Habibi, are enclosed.


Kindly provide this main office [with information] as to how to implement the directives provided in the letter.


Hasan Mohtadi,

Head of the main health and treatment office of the village



[Official stamp with number and date]

Number 50 / 2819

[Date] [Illegible]


[Handwritten note in the margin of the page]

In the Name of God

Wait until the day that [you receive] written [directive] from the Guardian Council.



31/7/61 [23 September 1982]