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In the Name of God

From Air Force Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Officer’s Office)

A 701-02-32

21/11/1358 [10 February 1980]


Refer to the list of addressees

Regarding dismissal of 5 officers


According to the decree of the Board of Ministers of the Provisional Islamic Government of Iran and [with the] approval of the five-member committee, as of 1/12/1358 [20 February 1980] the five officers listed below are being dismissed from service. Please give the necessary orders so that within 48 hours from the receipt of this letter, the mentioned personnel are removed from service and the matter announced to them; and at a date determined by the Personnel Department, they should be referred for completion of administrative procedures and settlement of accounts.  In addition, the above [information] will be published in the headquarters agenda and results will be announced.

Administrative Deputy of the Air Force Commander – Army Staff Colonel Forghani


1- Pilot Lieutenant – Mahmoud Alborzi

2- Air Technical Lieutenant – Bagher Ghazavi Afousi

3- First Lieutenant Pilot – Hosein Ahmad Khan Baigi

4- Adjutancy First Lieutenant – Behrouz Sharghi Tabrizi

5- Adjutancy First Lieutenant – Esmail Safaie



Deputy General of Operations of Commander of Forces (Operational Education Management) for information and action

Deputy General of Logistics of Commander of Forces (Director of material) for information and action

General Director of Air Force Hospital for information and action

Director of Investigation and Security of Army Forces Flight for information and action

Headquarters of Air Defence for information and necessary action about officer in row 4

Headquarters of Air Logistics for information and necessary action about officer in row 2

Headquarters of Central Support for information and necessary action about officers in first and fifth rows

Headquarters of First [name; Shekari] Base for information and necessary action about officer in row 3

Director of Organization of Air Force Information and Security for information

Director of Control of Forces Headquarters for information and action

Director of Security of Sitad Force for information and action about officer in row 5

Director of Proceedings of Army Force for officers’ information

Executive First Lieutenant [illegible]