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The Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone



From Firouzkuh to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 67; Telegram Number: 34, Number of Words: 62, Date of Original: 31/1[/1325][20 April 1946]Date of Receipt: 31/1[/1325][20 April 1946]


Gendarmerie Headquarters of Tehran


Second Lieutenant Javadi, an officer of the Gendarmerie, is openly propagating the Baha’i beliefs. As his remarks will have effect in Firouzkuh, it is requested that the mentioned [officer] be transferred to another place to prevent religious disputes.


On behalf of the residents of Firouzkuh: Mostafa Firouzkuhi, Taghi Kayvan, Gholam-Ali Arshadi, Rafiei, Taghi Asgari, Jamal Jafari, Jafar Hoseini, Ghorban, Hoseini, Sharifie, Shaban