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Ministry of Health

Date: 6 Aban 1347 [28 October 1968]

Number: 1036/MT Administrative

Attachment: Yes




Dr. Azarakhsh, the General Director of [illegible] the Ministry of Health and the Supervisor of the Bureau of Investigation

Subject: Mr. Ali Zarinehbaf’s Application 

In reference to letter number 1/1610 – 25 Mehr 1347 [17 October 1968] [this is to] inform you that: 

Mr. Firouz Taghizadeh is one of the students who started his study in the medical school of Tabriz University on 1 Mehr 1338 [24 September 1959]. Based on the Physicians’ Education Act, passed on 6 Bahman 1338 [27 January 1960], upon completion of his studies, he undertook to serve for the first three years in villages, and for the rest of the time in small towns in exchange for the 2,000-rial monthly allowance that he received.

[Mr. Taghizadeh,] following the completion of his services at the Health Corps this year, reported to the Employment Office for job placement.  Since he had indicated his religion as Bahá’í on his application form, based on Article 2 of the previous National Employment Act—which was also approved in Article 14 of National Employment Act, ratified on 31 Khordad 1345 [21 June 1966] —and also, according to number 9811/2 – 22 Aban 1327 [13 November 1948] of [the rules of the] National Retirement Office, a photocopy of which is enclosed, we refrained from offering him a job. [In compliance with] Article 5 of the Physicians’ Education Act, his file was sent to the legal affairs bureau in order to demand settlement of his debt to the government based on his undertakings as mentioned above. 


Administrative President - Khandaq Abadi