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[Ministry of] Health



Date -----

Number T M /1036 Administration

Enclosure: Yes

Dr. Azarakhsh, General Director [illegible] of the Ministry of Health and Office Review Supervisor


Subject: Mr. Ali Zarrinehbaf’s application

With reference to letter number 1/1610, [date:] 25/7/1347 [17 October 1968], we are able to report as follows:

Mr. Firouz Taghizadeh is a student who commenced his studies at the Medical School of Tabriz on 1/7/1338 [24 September 1959] in accordance with the Training of Medical Practitioners Act, ratified on 6/11/1338 [27 January 1959], and in exchange [for a subsidy] of two thousands rial per month, has undertaken to work for three years in regions, and then in the small provinces, after the completion of his studies.

Following completion of his military duty in the health services section last year, the aforementioned attended the personnel office to seek a position; however, as he has declared his religion as Baha’i in his job application, in view of Section 2 of the previous State Employment Act, which was approved under Section 14 of the State Employment Bill dated 31/3/1345 [21 June 1966], and further, in accordance with number 9811/2 [illegible] of the General Office of State Retirement, as set out in the attached copy, you are directed not to offer him a position. In accordance with Section 5 of the Training of Medical Practitioners Act, his file was referred to the legal department in order for them to arrange for him to return the subsidy he received to the government.

General Director of Administration - Khandagh Abadi