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Islamic Republic of Iran

Regional Health and Welfare Organization

East Azerbaijan Province

Number -----

Date: 2/7/1359 [24 September 1980]

Enclosure: 33936


To: Mrs. Rezvanieh Peyravi, Nursing graduate

From:  The Health and Welfare Organization of the East Azerbaijan Province

With reference to the request dated 2/6/1359 [24 August 1980] and as per instruction number 2522 dated 11/5/1359 [2 August 1980], your employment is prohibited as a result of your [membership] in a religion that is not officially recognized. Please proceed to pay the fine for not fulfilling the mandatory service obligation as a matter of urgency.

Dr. Jafar Hoseinchi

On behalf of the Director


[handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

By: Mr. Ali Akbar Peyravi, father -in-law in Pepsi Cola factory

[handwritten note, number, and date at the top of letter]